PPL Flight Course

Course Overview

As a pilot, the thrill of soaring through the skies and experiencing the freedom of flight is unlike any other. If you’re passionate about aviation and have always dreamt of becoming a pilot, obtaining your Private Pilot License (PPL) is the perfect way to turn your dreams into reality.

Earning your PPL is an exciting and challenging journey that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to fly an aircraft on your own. You’ll learn how to navigate the skies, understand weather patterns, and operate an aircraft safely and efficiently. With your PPL, you’ll have the freedom to explore the world from above, flying to new destinations and experiencing new sights that most people can only dream of.

In addition to the thrill of flying, obtaining your PPL can open up a world of career opportunities in the aviation industry. Whether you want to become a commercial pilot, work in aviation management, or become a flight instructor, your PPL is the first step towards achieving your goals.

The objective of the Private Pilot License (PPL) course is to train new pilots to operate single-engine airplanes under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions. PPL holder has the right to act as a pilot in command of an aircraft operated privately and this license is valid worldwide.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 16 years old.
  • ​Able to pass Class 2 Aviation Medical Exam.

Course Structure

  • Ground School Training – PPL(A) Theory. The purpose of ground training is to prepare the students to pass 9 theory exams at CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The theoretical part covers all 9 PPL subjects, education is delivered through a series of classroom training driven by a certified flight instructor.

  • Flight Training at Volantis Professional Flight School. Your flight lessons will consist of at least 45 Hours of flight training where: 35 hours will be as a dual flight with an instructor, 10 hours of solo practice, all finished by a PPL skill test with an Authorized CAA Examiner.

  • To operate an airplane independently in the Czech Republic, you will also require a radiotelephone operator license, starting from your first solo flight. Czech speakers can obtain one after passing an exam at the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTO). Foreign speakers can pass an exam in another EU member state and then obtain a general radiotelephone operator license from CTO.

  • The course is held as a private lesson, an instructor is available only for the client and the flight course is set based on individual expectations, time, and pace as per specific client needs.

  • Unlimited account in AVIEE.io, specialized flight debrief software, is included. We make sure to enhance your flight experience, make your training most effective and provide you with another level of security.

  • Duration: minimum 2 – 3 months, average 6 months.

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