MEP + ME/IR Course

Course Overview

With an MEP (Multi Engine Piston) class rating, you’ll be able to fly aircraft that have more than one engine, which means greater power, speed, and versatility. You’ll also have the opportunity to take on more challenging flights, such as cross-country flights, and fly in a wider range of weather conditions. And let’s not forget the added thrill of flying an aircraft with more than one engine – it’s an experience that every pilot should have at least once.

More than half of the multi-engine training is focused on an asymmetric flight with a failed engine. Loss of an engine can significantly impact the aircraft’s performance and handling. Understanding single-engine operations allows pilots to maintain control of the aircraft and safely land in the event of an engine failure.

ME/IR is an extension to your SEP/IR which is a necessary requirement for many jobs in an airline environment, but also a must for demanding private pilots operating complex twin-engine airplanes over longer routes.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • PPL(A) with at least 70 hours as PIC.
  • IR(A) for ME/IR course.
  • At least Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate.

Course Structure

  • The theoretical MEP course covers topics such as multi-engine aerodynamics, single-engine operation, systems, and procedures, as well as aircraft performance and limitations. The minimum length of theoretical training is 7 hours.

  • The practical training includes a minimum of 6 hours of flight training at Volantis Professional Flight School, which covers normal and abnormal procedures, take-off and landing techniques, emergency procedures, and single-engine operations. A minimum of 2,5 hours is in normal multi-engine operating conditions, another minimum of 3,5 hours is an instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques.

  • After completing MEP training you will be able to continue with 5 more hours of flight instruction to obtain ME/IR rating. Only 2 hours have to be in an actual plane, the other 3 hours may be in an FFS or FNPT II.

  • The course is held as a private lesson, an instructor is available only for the client and the flight course is set based on individual expectations, time, and pace as per specific client needs.

  • Unlimited account in, specialized flight debrief software, is included. We make sure to enhance your flight experience, make your training most effective and provide you with another level of security.

  • Duration: 2 – 3 weeks.

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Volantis Professional Flight School - Multi Engine Piston
Volantis Professional Flight School - Multi Engine Piston