Night Rating

Course Overview

The Night Rating – NR(A) Flight Course qualifies Private Pilot License (PPL) holders to exercise the privileges of the license during the night and is the most common extension of PPL. Night Rating allows pilots to fly after sunset as well as being a requirement for commencing your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Course and provides an introductory step before Instrument Rating (IR).

By earning a Night Rating, you’ll learn the skills necessary to safely and confidently fly an aircraft at night. You’ll be able to take off and land under the cover of darkness, navigate through the night sky, and enjoy the peaceful and serene beauty of the stars and city lights. It can also make your Time Building much more enjoyable.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • PPL(A) holder.
  • At least Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate.

Course Structure

  • Ground School TrainingNR(A) Theory. The purpose of ground training is to introduce differences from VFR day as well as specifics of night operations. The course reemphasizes the importance of instrument flying skills. The course also debriefs physiological dispositions of the human body at night and certain specific phenomenons. Education is delivered through series of classroom training driven by a certified flight instructor in 4 hours minimum.

  • Flight Training at Volantis Professional Flight School. Your flight lessons will consist of 5 hours in flight as a minimum where the student learns the Night flight navigation techniques during a flight to a remote International Airport. Landing techniques at night is another important part of the course. A minimum of 5 take-offs and full-stop landings at night as PIC (solo) needs to be performed by the student.

  • There is no skill test at the end of the course, night rating has unlimited validity.

  • The flight course is held as a private lesson, an instructor is available only for the client and the flight course is set based on individual expectations, time, and pace as per specific client needs.

  • Unlimited account in, specialized flight debrief software, is included. We make sure to enhance your flight experience, make your training most effective and provide you with another level of security.
  • Duration: from 2 days up to 1 week.

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Volantis Professional Flight School - Night Rating
Volantis Professional Flight School - Night Rating