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Volantis Professional Flight School located at International Airport Brno is a Czech Aviation Authority registered organization providing certified flight training. We offer professional flight instructional and theoretical training courses like Private Pilot License (PPL)Night Rating (NR), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), and a variety of complex aviation subjects. Our organization is proud of delivering all associated ratings for local and foreign students. We use only top condition aircraft, leading-edge software solutions, quality education materials, and have a reputation as a trusted and professional partner. No matter if you choose flying for your pleasure, or building your career as a professional pilot, we guarantee you the best training experience. It’s is you, your complete satisfaction, and your future skills as an aviator which matters most to us.


To be the most trusted, international, technology-powered, and professional flight school in our geographical area.


Constantly share the passion and provide the best aviation experience to our clients, foster continuous improvement of our operations and be better in all aspects the next day than the day before.


  • Listen to Customer and pay attention to unique needs.
  • Provide a level of safety second to none. 
  • Deliver customized services, leveraging the latest technologies.
  • Act with uncompromised integrity.
  • Act as aviation ambassadors and promoters.
  • Never stop efforts towards achieving our objectives.
  • Making dreams come true and help others dream with us.
Ladislav Venc - Volantis Professional Flight School

Ladislav Venc

Managing Director

Company Operations
Aircraft Flown: Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Zlin.

The Story

Ladislav is a lifelong innovator with a passion for Technology Innovations. He has been responsible for strategic growth in General Manager roles of global companies like IBM, AT&T, AVG or Wargaming and grew his experience in the telecommunication, IT, and entertainment industries for over 18 years. Ladislav is well known for his passion to deliver top-class customer service and designing high-performance solutions in global business. He always strives to find the best in the people around him since the early beginning of his career. 

Ladislav continues to act as an angel investor, idea maker, entrepreneur, and friend of innovations. See AVIEE.io, the latest product that combines the best from both Technology and Aviation worlds.

Aviation technology, aircraft history, flight systems, and flying as such were always a passion for Ladislav. When he found himself jumping out from An-2 with a parachute on his back and a smile on his face one fateful autumn day, the dream to experience the freedom of flight became a reality. Since then Ladislav earned his private pilot license, flown various general aviation aircrafts and discovered never-ending love of flying upside down practising airplane aerobatics.

Volantis Professional Flight School is a result of another dream… to share passion, experience, and fun with the community and to support those who share the same visions.

Follow your passion and Let Your Dreams Fly.

Martin Matula - Volantis Professional Flight School

Martin Matula

Head of Training

Flight Instructor: PPL(A), IR(A), CPL(A), MEP(A), FI(A).
Certifications: Boeing 737, CPL(A), FI(A), IRI, CRI-SE, CRI-ME.

The Story

Martin’s passion for flying has been a lifelong pursuit, and he has worked tirelessly to turn it into a fulfilling and rewarding career. His love affair with aviation began at the tender age of 8, during his first Boeing flight, and it has been a driving force in his life ever since. While there are countless ways to engage with flying whether as a hobby or a career, Martin has made it his life.

At 16, Martin started gliding, a pursuit that demands a steadfast commitment to safety and a desire to constantly improve one’s skills and knowledge. However, this was merely the beginning. His passion only grew stronger, and at the age of 20, he obtained his PPL(A)certification, opening up a world of possibilities for personal and recreational flying and laying a solid foundation for a career in aviation.

With relentless dedication and hard work, Martin earned his CPL(A) certification and, at the age of 27, became a Boeing 737 pilot. This feat required extensive training, unwavering dedication, and a willingness to put in the hard work. 

Martin’s love of flying also extends to teaching, and as a flying instructor, he is committed to helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to become proficient pilots. He offers ground instruction on various topics, including airspace, navigation, aircraft systems, and flight planning, as well as hands-on flight training in the cockpit. His ultimate goal is to help students succeed, and he finds immense satisfaction in seeing them pass certification exams.

Martin’s passion for flying led him to Volantis Professional Flight School, where he found kindred spirits who shared his enthusiasm and vision for a flight school that instills in students the same passion and love for aviation. At Volantis Professional Flight School, we are dedicated to providing high-quality training and unwavering support to anyone who shares the dream of becoming a pilot

If you don’t love this job, you will never be really happy doing it.

Tomáš Sláma - Volantis Professional Flight School

Tomáš Sláma

Operations Manager

Licenses & Certificates: PPL(A).
Aircraft Flown: Cessna 152, 172.

The Story

Tomas’ aviation journey began in 2009, when he flew with his parents to Turkey for vacation. He was surprised at how enthusiastic he was about the flight and the Boeing aircraft itself. Upon returning to Brno, he started going to the airport to watch airplanes take off and land. He was fascinated by how such a large object could lift off the ground. 

After a few years of admiring and taking pictures of planes at the airport, his aviation photography began to appear in aviation magazines and various aviation websites. During the next year, Tomas started working with the JMK air rescue service, photographing all sorts of events. This experience allowed him to fly several times in Bell 206, Bell 427, and EC-135 helicopters, but he always knew that his future would be in airplanes, not helicopters.

During this time, Tomas also attended high school and eventually graduated. While in high school, he worked as a handling operator at an aviation school. After finishing school, it was clear to him that he wanted to work in aviation, and he started as a dispatcher at an aviation school. Over time, he worked his way up to eventually become the head of the aviation school. Tomas also works together with Dan Dittel as an instructor for adventure flights on various simulators.

Tomas’ dream had always been to fly as a pilot, and he achieved it in 2021 when he started his PPL(A) training on C152 and C172 aircraft in Brno. Tomas now spends all his free time at the airport because he has a powerful connection to aviation and the community involved in it.

Daniel Dittel - Volantis Professional Flight School

Daniel Dittel

Certified Trainer

Licenses & Certificates: PPL(A), SPL, ATPL(A) Theoretical Exams.
Aircraft Flown: Cessna P210, Cessna C172, Cessna C150/152, Grob G115, Bergfalke III, L-13 Blaník, L-23 Super Blaník.

The Story

Daniel became completely captivated by aviation at the age of 13. He started his first pilot training at the age of 16 on gliders and got his first pilot license (SPL) at the age of 17. However, even then he knew he wanted to aim higher.

Daniel graduated from an 8-year grammar school with a major in mathematics. His further path led to Brno University of Technology, where he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Pilot. Daniel’s last university stop was the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, where he graduated with a master’s degree in Air Traffic Control and Management.

Daniel also speaks four languages fluently and thus started his own business as a freelance translator during his studies. In the world of aviation, he worked as a ground staff in Business Aviation and worked for several years as a RADIO/AFIS officer. Daniel currently works as a PPL(A) theory instructor in Czech and English and flies on a B737 MAX simulator as an instructor for adventure flights. Thanks to a huge motivation and several years of hard work, his pilot training is completely self-funded.

Daniel is fueling his passion for General Aviation at Volantis Advisory. He plans to continue working here as an instructor to pass on his knowledge to future pilots, even after he achieves the dream of becoming an airline pilot.

A dream, which is getting closer and closer …

Martin Procházka - Volantis Professional Flight School

Martin Procházka

Senior Operations Advisor

Licenses & Certificates: PPL(A) NR.
Aircraft Flown: Cessna C172, Cessna C150/152.

The Story

Martin is connecting people and technology.
He has led a number of projects in business, e-commerce and data analytics in more than 25 years of professional experience. Recently he has been heavily involved in smart home technology, renewable energy and sustainable management, a bit of a return to his original profession. He also has had the opportunity to work in a small business management and as an owner.

Aviation and astronautics has been a big draw since elementary school. Few people experience it anymore, but when you managed to get the right shade of khaki green for a Spitfire model in the 1980s, it was a feast. Flying airplane models with CO2-powered engines in siphon bottles probably won’t be remembered right away either.

The next encounter with aviation was at the sports airport in Medlánky in Brno, where the company Martin worked for was based for several years and where intensive glider flight training took place.

But then many years passed and life went in a different direction. The return to the idea of flying came back at last around his 45th birthday. Time and resources were available, there was no lack of desire to learn something new and the decision to fly was made rather quickly.

The words of the instructor “it’s yours” can never be forgotten.

When Ladislav offered him the opportunity to join a new Professional Flight School Volantis where the customer comes first, where safety and professionalism are combined and where beautiful aircraft are flown, there was no hesitation. As he says, being there right from the start is a new challenge.

Vladimír Puchar - Volantis Professional Flight School

Vladimír Puchar

Certified Flight Instructor

Licenses & Certificates: CPL(A), FI(A), IR(A), frozen ATPL.
Aircraft Flown: Cessna 152, 172, 172RG, SP, Piper Archer, Seminole, Cirrus SR20, SR22.

The Story

Flying combined with passing on knowledge to satisfied customers is what Vladimir calls the “battery charger”. It fills you with new energy, which you can use to your advantage in any area of life.

Vladimír initially wanted to become a transport pilot and fly beautiful huge machines through the air.  He first earned a degree in Professional Pilot and Airline Business Management and then traded the dream for being able to be with his wife and son every day. And he doesn’t regret it, because as challenging as being an instructor is, being home every day with family is more than anything for Vladimír.

He loves all technology, old cars and motorbikes, fixing them, replacing them and restoring them. When there is a problem, he enjoys solving it. Vladimír is a doer, a personal quality necessary in his main job. He’s in charge of managing a team of orders for the development of control units for aircraft engines, from huge ones like on AN124, to small turbojets on unmanned aerial vehicles.

During his instructor career he has trained dozens of pilots who are already flying for airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air and Emirates. He has passed on his experience and provided training to Oxford University students in conjunction with the CAE International Flight School.

Danila Belitskiy- Volantis Professional Flight School

Danila Belitskiy


Licenses & Certificates: CPL(A), IR(A), FI(A), Aerobatics, Formation flying.
Aircraft Flown: Yakovlev 18T, Yakovlev 52, Cessna 152, various Cessna 172 a Zlin 142, Piper PA-44 Seminole, Mil-Mi 2.

The Story

Danila is a passionate aviator, a teacher, and an aerobatic pilot.

The sky was always a dream for Danila, and everything started with endless hours in a simple home simulator with a little plastic joystick. Supporting the dream, his parents gave Danila the chance to fly in the local aero club. Already at the age of 14th Danila began to fly on Yakovlev18t. Just a year later he took second place in aerobatic competitions on Yakolev-52. To broaden his horizons, he also experienced 20 hrs flying a Mi-2 helicopter.

Following his second passion – teaching – Danila graduated from Pedagogical University and spent several years teaching primary school pupils. Later he started to work on his EASA license, obtained his frozen ATPL, and finished FI training.

For over 2300 flight hours Danila is sharing his passion for flying with students. His calm communication, patience, pedagogical background, and flight skills help him to create a relaxed and efficient training atmosphere both in the classroom and in the sky. At the same time, his
perfectionist nature won’t let him accept any other result, than exemplary.

Have you already checked the weather? Let’s finish our pre-flight preparations and get to the sky!

Petr Babák - Volantis Professional Flight School

Petr Babák

Certified Flight Instructor

Licenses & Certificates: SEP, MEP, CPL(A), IR(A), FI(A), TOW, SPL, FI(S).
Aircraft Flown: Z37 Čmelák, L200 Morava, Cessna  T303,  SR22 Cirrus, C150 – C172, řady Zlín 126 – 526, Zlin 42 – 143, Piper 28, L13/L23 Blaník, L33, VSO 10 Vosa, VT16 Orlík, Janus, Astir.

The Story

Petr is a pilot who has been passionate about aviation since childhood. Growing up, he spent every holiday with his older brothers, who flew gliders at the local airport. At the age of 15, Petr began his own flight training at an aeroclub in Břeclav, where he learned to fly gliders.

Although he started with gliders, Petr’s interest in aviation quickly expanded, and he eventually transitioned to flying powered aircraft. While he pursued a different career path in project management and business development for the energy engineering industry, he never lost his love for aviation.

Over time, Petr accumulated a wealth of flying experience and qualifications. He obtained his aerobatics certification, completed his instructor training (IF), and obtained his motorized aircraft license. Later, he also completed the ATPL theoretical course and expanded his license to include qualifications for instrument flying (IR), commercial piloting, and instruction.

Despite his successful career outside of aviation, flying remained Petr’s greatest hobby. He spends all of his free time in the sky, either flying or helping others achieve their dreams of flying. He was always happy to share his passion for aviation with others and to help them reach their goals.

As a pilot, Petr embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and passion for aviation. His dedication to the craft and his willingness to help others has made him a role model in the aviation community for many students.

Jan Oplatek - Volantis Professional Flight School

Jan Oplatek