Advanced UPRT Course

Course Overview

Advanced UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) is an essential component of a professional pilot’s training that focuses on preventing and recovering from unusual attitudes and flight conditions. As a professional pilot, you are entrusted with the safety and lives of countless passengers, and the Advanced UPRT training equips you with the necessary skills to confidently and competently handle any unexpected situations that may arise in flight. 

This training also helps you to develop situational awareness, decision-making skills, and the ability to stay calm under pressure. By completing Advanced UPRT training, you not only fulfil regulatory requirements but also demonstrate your commitment to ensuring safe and secure flights for all passengers on board.

Advanced UPRT might be also your first experience with basic aerobatics figures in an airplane, giving you a glimpse into one of the most exciting types of flying.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • PPL(A).
  • At least Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate.

Course Structure

  • Ground training consists of 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction. You will learn basic and relevant aerodynamics, physiological and psychological effects of an upset, strategies to mitigate the startle effect and develop resilience, and appropriate procedures and techniques for upset recovery.

  • Flight training at Volantis Professional Flight School lasts 3 hours and includes exercises demonstrating the relationship between speed, attitude, and AoA, the effect of g-load on airplane performance, physiological effects of different g-loads, and techniques to recover from nose high/low, spiral dives, stalls, and incipient spin.

  • There is no skill test after the flight training. To complete the course, you must show that you can recognize upsets, and correctly apply recovery techniques and apply strategies to mitigate psychological and physical effects.

  • The course is held as a private lesson, an instructor is available only for the client and the flight course is set based on individual expectations, time, and pace as per specific client needs.

  • Unlimited account in, specialized flight debrief software, is included. We make sure to enhance your flight experience, make your training most effective and provide you with another level of security.

  • Duration: 1 – 2 days.

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Volantis Professional Flight School - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
Volantis Professional Flight School - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training