ATPL Flight Course

Course Overview

The Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) authorizes a pilot to operate as a co-pilot or pilot-in-command on an airliner in commercial air transport. The license is allowed to operate flights for private and commercial purposes, can take passengers on board, and fly for a fee or without.

Earning your ATPL is a journey that requires a significant amount of dedication, skill, and hard work. But the rewards are truly remarkable. With your ATPL, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise needed to fly commercial airliners, making you a highly sought-after pilot in the aviation industry.

Beyond the career opportunities, obtaining your ATPL is an incredible personal achievement. You’ll gain a new level of expertise and knowledge, and have the confidence to operate complex aircraft in all kinds of weather conditions. You’ll also be joining a community of highly skilled and passionate pilots who share your love for aviation and your commitment to safety and excellence.

A pilot can obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License only if has completed an ATPL(A) theory course at an approved pilot training school, has successfully passed the ATPL theory exams at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and met flight time requirements.

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 16 years old to start PPL, minimum age of 18 years old for CPL
  • Able to pass Class 1 Aviation Medical Exam.
  • To be proficient in English, Math, and Physics. You need to be able to read, write, understand and speak English fluently.

Course Structure

  • Our ATPL course is modular, which means you obtain the required licenses and ratings based on your own time availability and speed of progress. The modular course always starts with PPL and usually continues with Night Rating, passing ATPL exams which include those required for IR and CPL, ICAO English and IFR English, Instrument Rating, CPL, MEP+ME/IR, and Advanced UPRT.

  • Ground School Training – ATPL(A) Theory. During the Zero to ATPL(A) course, the trainee will complete theoretical courses for PPL(A), IR(A), CPL(A) and ATPL(A). You will complete the majority of your theoretical training remotely from the comfort of your home via our collaboration with Bristol Groundschool, which provides our effective training tools such as a state-of-the-art studio, virtual classroom with all classwork, e-learning with all study aids & materials, and even access to the testing database.

  • Flight Training at Volantis Professional Flight School comprises at least 220 hours of flight instruction, divided between all licenses and ratings required for the professional pilot. This sum is the minimum and some pilots may require additional training to reach proficiency. Our mission and vision are to provide a superb learning experience with a focus on safe aircraft operation, not only meeting legislative minimums.With modular ATPL up to 90 hours of flight training are spent on time-building to be eligible to obtain higher licenses. Specifically, 50 PIC hours are required to start IR(A) training, 70 PIC hours to start MEP training and 100 PIC hours before the CPL skill test. This is the time for flying with your family and friends around your home town or even to other countries. Most seasoned airline pilots who took the modular course still look back on this part of training with a big smile on their faces.

  • The course is held as a private lesson, an instructor is available only for the client and the flight course is set based on individual expectations, time, and pace as per specific client needs.

  • Unlimited account in, specialized flight debrief software, is included. We make sure to enhance your flight experience, make your training most effective and provide you with another level of security.

  • Duration: 18 – 24 months.

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