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Flight Courses

The Private Pilot License (PPL) Flight Course is the first step towards a pilot career, training pilots to operate single-engine planes under VFR conditions. Upon completion, PPL holders can act as pilots in command of privately operated aircraft, making it a great starting point for those interested in aviation.

The Night Rating (NR) flight course qualifies PPL holders to exercise the privileges of the license at night under VFR conditions, it is also practice before the Instrument Rating. Night Rating allows you to fly at night as well as being a requirement for commencing your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) flight training.

The Instrument Rating (IR) program enables pilots to fly using cockpit instruments under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). IR is crucial for navigating adverse weather and controlled airspace safely, providing flexibility and more opportunities. It’s required for many aviation jobs and boosts a pilot’s career prospects.

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) permits pilots to be paid for their work as pilots, first officers, or co-pilots of an aircraft. It’s typically one of the final steps for those pursuing a career in aviation. This training is comprehensive, equipping pilots with the necessary skills to operate aircraft professionally.

Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) rating allows pilots to fly multi-engine piston planes, while ME/IR rating allows them to operate multi-engine planes under Instrument Flight Rules. These ratings expand pilots’ employment opportunities and enable them to fly in all weather conditions, making it crucial for commercial pilots.

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery (AUPRT) training teaches pilots techniques to prevent and recover from aircraft upsets and also unusual attitudes. This training covers emergency procedures for stalls, spins, and other loss-of-control situations, increasing pilots’ confidence in emergencies and improving safety.

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is the highest level of pilot certification. Our partnership with Bristol Groundschool, a leading aviation theory tuition provider, offers online learning materials accessible worldwide. With this flexibility, you can study at your own pace to earn an ATPL theory certificate.

The Flight Instructor (FI) rating certifies pilots to become instructors, teaching and training aspiring pilots. Training covers flight instruction techniques, regulations, and teaching methods. Being a Flight Instructor enhances pilots’ skills and employability in the aviation industry, making them valuable assets.

ICAO English certificate is a standardized assessment of English language proficiency for pilots and air traffic controllers. It measures candidates’ ability to communicate and understand aviation-related information. Many aviation authorities worldwide require this certificate for safe communication in the industry.

Time Building Flights

Time Building is one of the most enjoyable stages during your flight training. After completed the PPL, you can start building your aviation experience. The route for a professional license requires 100 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) to continue further training.


Volantis Professional Flight School located at International Airport Brno is a Czech Aviation Authority registered organization providing certified flight training. We offer professional flight instructional and theoretical training courses like Private Pilot License (PPL)Night Rating (NR), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), and a variety of complex aviation subjects. Our organization is proud of delivering all associated ratings for local and foreign students. We use only top condition aircraft, leading-edge software solutions, quality education materials, and have a reputation as a trusted and professional partner. No matter if you choose flying for your pleasure, or building your career as a professional pilot, we guarantee you the best training experience. It’s is you, your complete satisfaction, and your future skills as an aviator which matters most to us.